Void Vision “In 20 Years” 7″ EP


Blind Prophet is proud to present as their first release the highly anticipated debut single from the Philly based coldwave act Void Vision. Already known for their incredible live performances, Void Vision will now appease the masses with the release of In 20 Years which is just as much at home amongst classic Depeche Mode or Fad Gadget as it is amongst contemporary material by artists such as Xeno & Oaklander. However, what sets them apart from their peers is a keen sense of composition and pop song structure, and Shari’s powerful vocals.Limited to a mere 500 hand numbered copies, so act fast!



“…of the upcoming crop of new minimal/cold wave bands, Void Vision have put out two songs with this 7-inch which convince me that they stand out from the rest of the pack…” – The Fader

Full review up at: http://www.thefader.com/2010/06/21/freak-scene-58-void-vision-wild-thing-and-u-s-girls-giveaway/

“…While most of her contemporaries are dwelling in utterly cold and macabre waters, Vari brings a joyously dour sound on her debut outing, channeling the melodiousness of synth-pop minus the self-indulgent cheese…” – Impose Magazine

Full review up at: http://www.imposemagazine.com/features/void-vision-dead-wife-leather

“…the sequencing on both “In 20 Years” and “Black and White” races along to the beat, layering well-considered melodies around one another. Vocalist Shari provides most of the mystique here, which works very well in this genre, allowing the human aspects of the lineup to generate the most emotion from the most limiting factor of the music: the self…” – Still Single

Full review up at: http://still-single.tumblr.com/post/830064429/void-vision-in-20-years-b-w-black-and-white-7

“…The singer has a great gothic moan, never hammed up by a false accent or anything, and it’s really a perfect match to the music. The chorus of “Black and White” hints at a pop fascination, with the gravitas to make it a reality. I listen to a lot of the modern synth-pop that’s going around… [and] Void Vision is most definitely more exciting to me than the rest.” – Yellow Green Red

Full review up at: http://www.yellowgreenred.com/?p=1964