We are very pleased to be offering the US edition of the now classic debut 7″ from the Danish band Lower. The Danish edition sold out in no time at all, and this is expected to do the same. There is a limited edition mailorder-only version on brown vinyl. Please note that the sleeves for this record are printed in special metallic ink, and photographs do not do this release justice – it really needs to be seen to be believed! Also, we are halfway sold out of the pressings of the last batch of releases (Hot Guts and Future Blondes) and stock is running dangerously low on the Lost Tribe LPs. Now would be a wonderful time to place a wholesale order, doncha think? If you are in the New York area, please visit our retail store HEAVEN STREET RECORDS at our new location at 184 Noll Street (on the corner of Flushing) just minutes from the Morgan L Train stop. We have literally thousands of new and used records for sale and are open 7 days a week 12-8. If you’d like to receive updates about the store please add us on facebook (Heaven Street Facebook). In fact, why not add the label as well: Blind Prophet Records facebook ———————————— OUT NOW AND AVAILABLE TO ORDER: Order Here: BPR webshop BPR013: Lower – Walk On Heads 7″ Listen to sound samples here Critical angst from Copenhagen. US edition of the debut vinyl EP released earlier this year on Escho. Think Echo & The Bunnymen through the filter of late 80s Dischord with members of Sexdrome, VÅR, and Girlseeker. The flag is bleached. First 100 mailorder copies come on brown vinyl. Order Here: BPR webshop ———————————— Still Fresh from last update: BPR010: Hot Guts – Edges LP Listen to sound samples here Edges is the long anticipated debut album from Philly’s Hot Guts (founded in 2007 by frontman Wes Russell and drummer Greg Frantz as a sonic reflection of the rotting urban hell hole that surrounded them). Previous releases included a 7” on Badmaster Records, a cassette, and a split 7” with NY’s Pop. 1280. Edges is a perfect blend of sullen and morose post-punk, catchy synthwave, and industrial nihilism that is somehow overshadowed by a sense of a youthful optimism. Comparisons could certainly be made to bands like Savage Republic (Tragic Figures era) or Cop Shoot Cop, but they would have to be tapered with the side of things that could fit seamlessly alongside classic early Factory Records bands. Ultimately, these comparisons are useless since Edges is a solid album that really just needs to be listened to start to finish. Russell and Frantz were joined on this recording by Philly musicians Michael Reaser (FNU Ronnies), and Adam Cooper (Tickly Feather). Edges also features contributions from legendary Philly-based experimental musician Charles Cohen (on the Buchla Box), and the lovely Miss Shari Vari (AKA Void Vision). Edges is available as a deluxe gatefold edition and comes with a free digital download. First 100 mailorder copies come on clear vinyl. [CLEAR VINYL EDITION SOLD OUT] Order Here: BPR webshop BPR011: Future Blondes – Feather 17 LP Listen to sound samples here Feather 17 is the first proper full-length vinyl album from Houston’s Future Blondes and comes following a long and sordid trail of tapes, cd-rs, and 12”s on labels like Dull Knife, FLA, and Robert & Leopold. Mastermind Domokos (also known for his drumwork in Texas noise-punk legends RUSTED SHUT, live bass/tape manipulations for HELIOS CREED/CHROME as CHEMICAL MANGE, and appearences w/ BLACK LEATHER JESUS) serves up another heavy batch of mutated white-light techno/industrial with contributions from members of BOOK OF SHADOWS, //TENSE//, BALACLAVAS, TWISTED WIRESS, and SYNB. Pressed on milky white vinyl and comes with a digital download. First 50 mailorder copies come on black vinyl with special alternate handnumbered and handglued artwork with a bonus DVD of visuals to accompany the album. [SPECIAL EDITION SOLD OUT] Order Here: BPR webshop ———————————— UP NEXT: BPR012: SGNLS LP BPR014: YOU. – BRICk LP BPR015: Lakes – Blood Of The Grove LP BPR016: Veiled LP

Lower – Walk On Heads preorders up / FUTURE BLONDES + HOT GUTS now shipping!